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Hemp / CBD Info & FAQ




Learn the facts about Industrial Hemp in 1.5 minutes.

  1. Industrial Hemp is NOT Marijuana.
  2. You CAN NOT get high on Hemp - you might as well be smoking potatoes.

Here is the difference:


  • We have Ponderosa Pine & Lodge Pole Pine trees.
    • They are two different varieties of the same genus of plant.


  • We have Poppy Seeds for muffins & dressing and Poppy Seeds to make heroin.
    • They are two different varieties of the same genus of plant.


  • We have Industrial Hemp and Marijuana.
    • They are two different varieties of the same genus of plant.


Think of Hemp being decaffeinated coffee and Marijuana being regular coffee.


  • In 2016 there was over $500 Million worth of hemp products imported and sold in the USANone of this benefited American farmers.

Henry Ford’s vision was to make and fuel a car that we could grow, so it was sustainable. He succeeded (Search YouTube for Ford Hemp Car), but his success ran into big business interests that wanted to industrialize America using fossil fuels, trees and synthetic materials.

  • Ford’s Hemp car made from Hemp plastic panels was claimed to be 10 times stronger than steel according to Popular Mechanics (1941)

And that is just the start:

  • Hemp seed oil was used for paints and oils until 1937 with 58,000 tons used in 1935 alone. (Sherman Williams Paint Co. testimony to congress against the tax act)
  • In 1938 hemp was called the first “Billion dollar crop” (Popular Mechanics Feb. 1938)
  • In 1916, the U.S. Government predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp. Government studies report that 1 acre of hemp (a yearly crop), for paper production equals 4.1 acres (taking 20-30 years) of trees. (U.S.D.A. Archives.)
  • The US Government’s Health & Human Services has already patented (#US 6630507) the healthy properties found within Hemp plants. It states many of the health benefits from Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil which is processed from the greenery portion of the plant.
  • The oldest known records recording hemp being farmed are 5,000 years old. Cultivation and use of the crop goes back 10,000 years.


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