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Our Story

Apr 1st 2019

The San Luis Valley is the largest alpine valley in the world - the size of Massachusetts with only 46,000 inhabitants. Farming is the #1 industry. At this high altitude and less available water, our farmers are innovative by nature.

Two of our founding farmers, Shanan and Dion, who have grown potatoes and barley for mass production, realized hemps potential and started growing it in 2014, as soon as legislation made it possible. Now they are among the largest growers in the US and are highly sought after for their expertise. They partnered with another founding farmer, Monte, who is focused on processing and product development of hemp food products. Together, they wanted to reverse the local trend in the ag industry to grow crops and send raw product out of the Valley. They are dedicated to keeping the Valley agricultural based. They are helping provide sustainable industries to support the local economy. 

The San Luis Valley Hemp Company and San Luis Valley Trading Post were formed to provide the full product cycle with one goal: Health.  Farming that is healthy for the earth, products that are healthy for people and animals, and health for our local economy.

Farmer Grown-Farmer Owned Since 2014